LIVE on WTNH with Jocelyn Maminta

It was a great interview this morning with Jocelyn Maminta. I loved being at the WTNH studio in New Haven to see what goes on behind the scenes. I'm a big fan of WTHN Channel 8 News, no matter what time of day. Along with Jocelyn, Laura Hutchinson and Gil Simons were excited to meet Chris and chat with him about his journey and to talk with me about my book. Thanks to the WTNH morning crew for having us on Good Morning CT today to talk about Chris's journey and about the message of We're Good. Each and every one of us face challenges daily. Chris is an example to follow for keeping a positive mindset and always having faith, hope, and determination to become stronger on the outside and on the inside. Find the people who support you and give you strength. These people are your anchors!


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