Meg Keeshan McGovern 

We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails. 

- Thomas s. Monson


Born and raised in southern Connecticut, I spent summers sailing on Long Island Sound and winters skiing in Vermont. My husband and I brought our two sons up in Connecticut as well. Both played many sports and also grew to love hiking and skiing.  Our eldest son, Billy, hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine; 2,190 miles in 4 months. Our youngest son, Peter, is an avid skier and lives where the mountains are his backyard. Much of my writing stems from family events and experiences.


I teach middle school Language Arts, and I am passionate about getting young people to write well across all genres. I pride myself on encouraging students to write as a way of finding meaning during difficult times. I've had the privilege of attending several Writing Institutes at Columbia University's Teacher's College learning from other authors and teachers. Writing We're Good, was an incredible journey. I will complete an MFA in nonfiction writing at Fairfield University in December 2020.

We're Good​

We’re Good is an inspiring story about a well-rounded teenage athlete whose life changed in the blink of an eye.  Chris O’Brien innocently dove into the ocean, hit a sandbar, and was instantly paralyzed. Going from a D-1 athlete to quadriplegic at eighteen years old is life changing. Chris was a swimmer, sailor, and student in college going about life before his accident. First time author, Meg Keeshan McGovern, has beautifully captured the pathos that accompanies a family tragedy and illustrates how it can become triumph for all.  Through narrative and personal stories she guides the reader through the various stages of grief, denial, anger, therapy and devotion that this one family went through to emerge on the other side stronger and full of more promise than ever.

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